About me

After graduating with a Chemistry Degree, I had a successful and varied career in banking. My work gave me experience and knowledge of finance, personnel, HR development and training, business management and corporate social responsibility. The latter enabled me to develop a greater understanding of the voluntary sector and a wider appreciation of the arts.

Since leaving the financial sector I have developed my interest in horticulture through study, practical experience and employment. I have experience working as a charity trustee and as a school governor.

My other interests include all things to do with Dartmoor, the area of Devon in which I live. Although I have not touched a musical instrument since my childhood, I still get pleasure from listening to, and reading about, music. I love cooking, keep chickens, have two cats and two dogs. I am fascinated by the dogs' behaviours and love the time spent training them.

I completed the Society of Indexers' training programme in 2011 and was runner up for the Betty Moys Prize, awarded annually to promising new indexers.

I was elected to the Executive Board of the Society of Indexers in 2012 and was Professional Development Director for a few months before becoming Finance Director in November 2013.

With the release of Adobe InDesign CC in 2013, I have developed my knowledge and skills using this software. I wrote about my learning experience for The Indexer and successfully completed an InDesign embedded index for NCUB this year. I have successfully completed a number of InDesign embedded indexes for various clients. I have also written and presented a session on the use of this software for the Society of Indexers.

jan rayment

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