Janice Rayment BSc, MSocInd(Adv)

Accredited by Society of Indexers

I am a professional indexer working freelance for both authors and their publishers.

I completed the Society of Indexers' training programme in 2011 and was runner up and highly commended for the Betty Moys Prize awarded to promising new indexers. In 2018 I was honoured to be presented with the The Bernard Levin Award.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience from a background that encompasses science, business, finance and horticulture I am able to work in many subject areas. This, together with other interests, means I am especially capable of indexing books on:

  • banking and finance
  • corporate social responsibility
  • personnel and HR development
  • business management
  • education, training and continuing development
  • charities and voluntary sector
  • sponsorship


  • gardening, garden history and horticultural science
  • cookery, food history, nutrition and food science
  • environmental issues
  • rural and countryside matters
  • Devon, especially Dartmoor
  • natural history
  • animal behaviour

  • and anything to do with dogs!
assorted book stack

Whatever the subject, I place myself in the position of the reader and ask two questions. First, what is the reader of this text likely to want to look for? And then, if there is an entry in the index, will they be directed to something useful?

I can supply a traditional back-of-the-book index as a stand alone document, as Rich Text rtf or MS Word file. Additionally, I am able to provide indexes embedded into MS Word and Adobe InDesign providing additional benefits for authors and publishers alike. New functionality that came with the release of Adobe's InDesign CC allows the export of active indexes for ebooks. The new (Index Manager) software I use means that I can start embedding an index far earlier in clients' workflow and transfer all embedded index markers to the updated files with relative ease. I am experienced working with InDesign files but now use software which only requires access to the .idml files so you can be confident that your frames and layout settings are safe. Please contact me if you would like to know more or to discuss your requirements.

In addition to Society of Indexers' Code of Professional Conduct, I have high professional standards and understand your need for accuracy, reliability and delivery within agreed deadlines.