I can supply indexes as a stand alone document, as Rich Text rtf or MS Word files. Additionally, I am able to provide indexes embedded into MS Word or Adobe InDesign providing additional benefits for authors and publishers alike.

In addition to Society of Indexers' Code of Professional Conduct, I have high professional standards and am committed to meeting every deadline.

I am also able to help organise bibliographies.


The function of an index is to provide the user with an efficient means of tracing information
(BS ISO 999:1996)

Putting myself in the place of the user, I will create an index that provides the necessary signposts to the text - whether the user is new to the book or a reader returning to find something half remembered.

Before contacting me ...

... it will be helpful if you think about:

  • the type of book and readership level (it may be helpful to send a sample chapter)
  • length of the work (number of pages or words) and if there are illustrations or tables to be indexed
  • space available for the index
  • any preferred or house style – unless you have particular requirements, I will usually follow the recommendations in BS ISO 999: 1996
  • timings – when will page-ready proofs be available and when do you need the completed index?
  • how is your book being produced? I can produce an index embedded into your Word document or an active index directly into Adobe InDesign CC
  • I am happy to discuss all of this with you and provide a no-obligation quote for the work


Fees are agreed at the start so you know what you will be paying – as long as timings are as agreed and there are no changes to the text or pages after I have started work.

My quote will depend upon complexity of the text, the inclusion of illustrations, and tables to be indexed, whether separate indexes are required (e.g. botanical names and a general index), and the time available (mine and yours).

You will rightly want a quality index; you will possibly want it soon, and you will probably want it cheap. There will inevitably be a trade off between these requirements, but I have high standards and will always provide an index I would be proud to see in print. I will not take on work unless I am confident of being able to deliver on time but depending on my other commitments there may be some flexibility on price.


For a general background to fees and information on indexing, visit the Society of Indexers.