What people have said about my indexing work

Feedback from clients

"This looks excellent as ever, thank you for the work"

"As usual it’s an excellent index"

"I have now heard back from the author and he is extremely pleased with the index and asked me to compliment on such a wonderful job"

"You have done an excellent job"

“The index looks very sensible and a job very well done”

"The index looks great, a million extra thank yous for the speed at which you put it through"

"what an excellent job you have done in grappling with all the information and themes covered – it will really improve the book for readers, many thanks for it and your flexibility on the project"

"I have had some very positive feedback from the client, who are delighted with your work, so thank you for that!"

"Golly! That's a compendious index ... very impressive!"

"Thanks very much for sending the index in good time. It looks very thorough, so thanks for all your good work."

"I just wanted to say that I am very happy with the index. I have emailed or written to almost every person whose name appears in the index telling them to buy my book ... Thank you for an excellent index."

"And you are, by far, my favourite indexer!"

Other feedback on my indexes

"This is a clear and comprehensive index to quite a dense and informative text. The indexer has achieved a good balance of broader main subjects while still capturing the detail of the specifics."

"This was a nicely detailed index which has successfully covered the wide ranging subject matter of the text in a clean layout with a high level of accuracy and consistency."

"This is a carefully constructed and well thought out index, with a lot of attention paid to the reader’s needs in terms of choice of headings and expression of subheadings and also in the extensive use of cross-references linking related subjects in a helpful rather than exasperating way. You coped very well with the density of information and the extensive and often inter-related discussion in the text"

"The index is very strong on cross-references making it very user friendly and providing lots of synthesis between subjects, a lovely feature."

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Qualities of a good indexer

  • anticipates the needs of the user 

  • identifies and indexes key ideas, themes and concepts in the document

  • uses headings that a user is likely to search for

  • takes the user to something useful or relevant
  • uses cross-references to help the user find other possible entry points

  • uses double entries in place of see cross-references if space allows

  • arranges entries in an ordered sequence using a consistent style and layout

  • pays attention to accuracy and produces error free work
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